ABOUT Golden Days Radio 95.7 FM 

Golden Days Radio has a music format that has broad appeal for people of any age who have an affection for and appreciation for the nostalgic sound of radio as it used to be from the 1930s into the 1970s.

These days, “talk back” radio has reduced or completely removed the music content from many radio stations and numerous listeners to today’s radio usually have only two choices of radio programming - talk back, or music that they do not understand or enjoy. Hence, the unique sound of Golden Days Radio which is carefully formulated to fill the void. the nostalgic sound of radio as it used to be heard from the 1930s to the 1970s. So it's on the music and radio style of those years that Golden Days Radio mainly concentrates, with some attention given to music outside those parameters provided it is of good lyrical and melodic quality and of an evergreen standard which falls kindly on the ear. Many listeners attracted to this type of sound also value the light classics, operetta, ballads and musical comedy and there is a place for these genres too, in the Golden Days’ range of musical styles.

The Golden Days Radio Story

Golden Days Radio history goes back to June 1990 when Dom Iacono, registered an expression of interest with the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal for a “special interest licence” catering to the needs of senior citizens. He placed advertisements in suburban newspapers asking for interested persons to contact him with a view to forming an association for that purpose. Dom convened the first meeting of the group at the Bentleigh RSL. He invited Col Williams (who had already applied for a licence on behalf of the war veteran community) to join the group. Both men, together with Jack Burgesson, the then station engineer at 3SCB Moorabbin, formed a steering committee. By early 1992 membership stood at around 40 and an application was made for a test licence. In September 1992 the first test broadcasts were made and went to air for 7 days at 10 hours per day. The subsequent conversion of the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal to the Australian Broadcasting Authority led to a change in categories of community broadcasting licensing and it became obvious that there would be considerable delay before a permanent licence would be issued. Progress continued however, and the first broadcast was made from premises provided by the VATC at Caulfield racecourse using a rented transmitter in March 1994. A series of temporary restricted licences continued for several years. Sadly, Dom Iacono passed away in May 1996. He did not live to see the success of his labours, culminating in the granting of a full time licence in July 2001.

Golden Days Radio

today operates from three modern studios with state of the art equipment. It broadcasts 24 hours per day 7 days per week from Melbourne, Australia. More than 35 presenters provide live programming from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm each day with the remaining overnight period supplied by music on computer hard drive using equipment which randomly selects the music. The station's total playlist is in excess of 24,000 tracks. The total staff (all voluntary) number around 92 people. You can contact us at Golden Days Radio by telephoning (03) 9572 1466 Intl. +61 3 9572 1466 during hours of live programming in Australia or email us anytime at mail@goldendaysradio.com

Mission Statement

"To promote on community radio the nostalgic sound of music and information that has broad appeal for people of any age, particularly the senior members of the community".

Golden Days Radio for Senior Citizens Inc. (Registered in Victoria Association No A00257 59L)

ABN 29 845 875 007

Golden Days Radio Development Fund

In November 2011 we were approved as an organisation for inclusion on the Register of Cultural Organisations and tax deductibility for donations of $2-00 and over. Any payments for this purpose are to be made payable to the "Golden Days Radio Development Fund" and must be a separate payment. Membership subscriptions do not qualify for this purpose.

A separate sub-committee is set up to administer this side of the organisation consisiting of Dr Mark Cherny, Dr David Dammery, Richard Hornidge, Peter Norman OAM and as chairman Dudley Chamberlain.

Postal Address

PO Box 287 Glen Huntly Vic 3163

Street address: 1st floor, 1236 Glen Huntly Road Glen Huntly. The Carnegie tram number 67 stops outside the door at stop number 62.


Business Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm

Saturday and Sunday: By appointment

Telephone: (03) 9572 1466 Intl. +61 3 9572 1466

Fax: (03) 9572 1455 Intl. +61 3 9572 1455

Website: www.goldendaysradio.com

Email: mail@goldendaysradio.com

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