Programs for Friday 6 December, 2019
News, Sport & Weather on the hour
7.30 Chickenman
9.30 Passing Parade
News, Sport & Weather on the hour
10.07 Garden Clinic
10.15 Community Magazine
11.00 Harvest of Hate
12.00 News
12.10 Madeleine at the Movies

News, Sport & Weather on the hour
News, Sport & Weather on the hour
Overnight Music

Welcome to GDR 95.7fm

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If you are feeling nostalgic about the past, then you’re in the right place. There’s something about the music we grew up listening to that makes us want to go back, seeking comfort in it. At Golden Days Radio, we play tunes that you’ll not only appreciate but fall in love with once again.

We are a local radio station who cares about our community as much as we care about our broadcasts. Our inherently unique sound has helped establish Golden Days Radio as a pioneer, and we wish to engage our community even further, with your steadfast support.

For over 25 years, we have continued to focus on broadcasting quality, evergreen music round-the-clock, including operetta, ballads, and musical comedy. Moreover, we value our listeners and always love to hear from them.