Saturday Sunrise Breakfast
Robert Anderson (7am - 11am)
7:00am - 7:07amNews, Sport and Weather
7:40am - 8:00amSpotlight On
8:00am - 8:07amNews, Sport and Weather
8:30am - 8:35amDad and Dave
8:40am - 9:00amA Taste of Jazz
9:00am - 9:07amNews, Sport and Weather
9:07am - 9:30amA Musical Confection
9:45am - 9:55amThe Smell of Terror
10:00am - 10:07amNews, Sport and Weather
Saturday Lunchtime Miscellany with Loretta and Philip
Loretta Simmons (11am - 2pm)
12:00pm - 12:08pmNews, Sport and Weather
12:08pm - 12:23pmRecollections
1:00pm - 1:20pmWhere in the World
Saturday Matinee with Michael
Michael Lynch (2pm - 5pm)
4:30pm - 4:32pmWeather Update
Saturday Drive with Mel
Melissa Hall (5pm - 8pm)
5:00pm - 5:07pmNews, Sport and Weather
6:00pm - 6:07pmNews, Sport and Weather
7:00pm - 7:07pmNews, Sport and Weather
Requests / Party Night with Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett (8pm - 11pm)
10:00pm - 10:07pmNews, Sport and Weather
Overnight Music till 07:00
Music with hourly time calls