Chris Miller

Saturday 3PM-6:00PM

I emigrated to Australia from the U.K. in the 70’s. I have always had a keen interest in music since my earliest days in the U.K. when my parents played 78’s of Billy Cotton and his band, Flanagan & Allen, Bing Crosby etc.

My older brothers were heavily into modern jazz and band singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra while I was more into pop music of the day and rock n roll. Then came the 60’s with the Beatles, Rolling Stones and new singers like Tom Jones, Dusty Springfield etc. A great time when music changed the landscape.

Over the years I have often been a volunteer with various organisations including Vision Australia and through Robert Anderson who I met there, I became a volunteer at GDR.
I have never been a presenter before but I look forward to the challenge of presenting music across the decades to bring back some warm and pleasant memories. Plus, perhaps, introducing some lesser known artists that our listeners may enjoy.