Peter Lawlor

Fridays 3pm-6pm

I commence with an emphasis on quality rock and roll and country music, mixed eventually over the three hours with a sprinkling of evergreen ballads, big band classics, comedy offerings, exciting operetta pieces and timeless jazz standards.
At 3.15pm I present my segment “Stars Down Under” is a ten minute spot that highlights visits to Australia of famous overseas acts that have performed live in concert.
Quality music is the rule, but no strict rules apply. Surprises are always just around the corner! I often pay tribute to an entertainer on their birthday or play a musical piece connected to a famous historical event on that day.
GDR News, Sport and Weather comes to air at 4pm, followed by “Spotlight On The Stars”. In this segment I dig into musical archives and present music from the past up to the present of a particular artist or group.
“Celtic Corner” at 5.30pm, is a segment that embraces folk music with a Celtic taste including stories and snippets of history with regard to the songs and the singers.
My three hour program aims to reflect the GDR mandate of respecting recorded sound, showcasing music and entertainment from its beginnings to the present, whilst giving air time to sponsors and community activities.

How did you first connect with GDR?

During my stint as a presenter on Vision Australia Radio, I heard about Golden Days Radio. I tuned in, loved the content and the philosophy and gradually got the opportunity to volunteer as a receptionist, then presenter. One of the cleverest decisions I have ever made.

Why did you want to be a presenter?

In the 1950s our family home employed five radios all over the house on different stations, so I was a dead-set certainty to become a radio lover. By 2012, I was gently encouraged to join Golden Days Radio.  I could hear the enjoyment in the voices of the GDR presenters and so joined their ranks.

What experience do you want to give your listeners?

I want to continue to trigger memories of songs and radio programs of the past for the listeners to enjoy, to give listeners the opportunity to discover new musical horizons,  and to present to a new audience entertainers who, for various reasons, have fallen through the cracks of history. I hope to unearth music and past programs for the enjoyment of the GDR listeners that may not have been heard since they were first aired, perhaps over half a century ago.

To be presenting programs on a station that has respect for recorded sound from its beginnings to the present day…that is why I am passionate about what I do on Golden Days Radio!