Presenter - Diane McCance


Diane McCance
Diane McCance

1. What days and times are you usually scheduled to be on duty?

Thursdays – 7 to 11 am


2. How did you first connect with GDR?

After casually listening to and enjoying the station for a while and doing a bit of online research about the GDR community-focused ethos I decided to just pop by and introduce myself one day. Fortune smiled, an opportunity became available and few weeks later I was on board


3. Why did you want to be a Receptionist/Program Assistant?

Coming from a long background in hotels I’ve always enjoyed working with people and was sure there would be some parallels in working in a bustling radio station environment. What better way to connect with our listeners than to be their first port of call and to receive their comments and thoughts first-hand.


4. What are the most important things that you believe you can do for listeners who call in, and for the Presenter you are supporting?

The best way to serve and respect our Listeners when they take the time to call in is to ‘ listen ‘ very carefully to what they say and / or comment on and then to relay the real gist and mood of what they’ve said back to the Presenter promptly; giving the Presenter a sense of having heard from the listener directly. We should also be ready to answer Listeners’ enquiries about any numbers  they’ve heard from the playlist throughout our session.

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