Presenter - Max Davis


Max Davis

1. What time is your time slot and what does your session consist of? (segments, types of music, serials etc

My program is on Saturdays from 5pm until 8pm, and is taken from the GDR Library Playlist. At about 5.25pm I play a track from a singer whose birthday is on that day.  The News is at 6pm, and a 30 minute program called “Golden Days Country” follows.


2. How did you first connect with GDR?

While attending a CES session in Prahran in 1993 to gain new work skills following the acceptance of a retrenchment package, I mentioned my interest in Radio, and as I live in Caulfield I was introduced to the late Dom Iacono whose photo is on the GDR wall.    The rest is history.

3. Why did you want to be a presenter?

John Amor asked me if I would like to Panel Operate for 4 ladies who didn’t have enough confidence or experience to operate their own panel. It was later decided that all Presenters must operate their own panels, so I did an audition to be a presenter, and passed.


4. What experience do you want to give your listeners?

I enjoy Presenting and  inject segments like Birthdays others may not have mentioned, and famous events on that date.    I have only missed one session since January 2013. I use two CD’s for music continuity as I don’t like breaks between music, except for Sponsorship announcements.    The listeners seem to enjoy my style and I try to keep a happy relationship with my Receptionists.

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