Presenter - Pam Young


Pam Young
Pam Young

1. What does your session consist of? (segments, types of music, serials etc)

Fridays, 8pm until 11pm. I play eclectic music from the Golden Days Radio genre including original soundtracks from movies, with a review of the movie. I like to open with light classical music – Strauss Waltzes, Viennese music ad the like, followed by the Movie segment, then  until 11pm a mixture of instrumentals, country music, jazz, crooners and Australian artists from every genre.


2. How did you first connect with GDR?

I had been listening to Golden Days Radio and became a member, then a receptionist and moved to presenting later on.


3. Why did you want to be a presenter?

I had previous experience at another radio station and was invited by the GDR Station Manager to present on Friday nights when a vacancy arose.


4. What experience do you want to give your listeners?

I would like the listeners to enjoy the music played, and have a feeling of community care while we share the love of music.

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