Presenter - Prudence Vernall


1. What time is your time slot and what does your session consist of? (segments, types of music, serials etc)

My programme is on Wednesday from 5:00pm until 8:00pm.

Since I am a very new presenter, my programme will develop as my experience grows.

2. How did you first connect with GDR?

I like to hear radio without it being invasive. When I found GDR many years ago, the variety and tone appealed to my ears and it has been my constant companion ever since.

3. Why did you want to be a presenter?

In the distant past a friend said to me “you have a voice for radio.”  I dismissed that suggestion until I heard a request on GDR for presenters and my friend’s words came back to me – it seemed like an unexpected opportunity had come my way – one that was not to be missed.

4. What experience do you want to give your listeners?

Enjoyable music to please the senses, bring smiles to faces and, have some fun along the way.

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