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Golden Days Radio – How it all began
The idea of having a radio station playing music from the good old days goes back to 1990, when an expression of interest was registered with the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal for a ‘special interest licence catering to the needs of senior citizens’. Advertisements were placed in suburban newspapers seeking support from people who were keen to have their own radio station and membership began to grow.
In 1992, an application for a test licence was lodged and it was granted in September of that year. Over a period of seven days the first test broadcasts went to air for ten hours each day. After some delays, it was in March 1994 that the first official broadcast was made from premises at the Caulfield Racecourse provided by the Victorian Racing Club (now the Melbourne Racing Club) and using a rented transmitter.
A series of temporary restricted licences continued until July 2001 when Golden Days Radio, having proved its viability, celebrated the granting of a full-time licence.

Golden Days Radio – Today
The station’s music format appeals to all people who appreciate the nostalgic sound of radio that was heard from the 1930’s to the 1960’s. While we concentrate on that golden period, some attention is given to music of other years, provided it is of good lyrical and melodic quality and of an evergreen standard that falls kindly on the ear.
In addition our range of musical styles includes light classics, operetta, ballads and musical comedy. Those who like the old radio serials won’t be disappointed either, as these are featured each week as well. We also produce a variety of special musical and community interest programs.
Golden Days Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from State-of-the- art studios in Glen Huntly, 11 km south east of Melbourne. The station is operated entirely by volunteers who give up their time so that our listeners can enjoy the wonderful sound of radio as it used to be.
Membership of Golden Days Radio is open to everyone.
A Membership Form can be downloaded from our website, which is listed below.
As a member, your financial support helps us to meet the station’s operating costs.