Program - Sunday Sundowners


Sunday Sundowners, 5pm to 8pm. The program is an amalgam of musical genres and time periods, reflecting the wide ranging music played by GDR during the week. We open with a Grammy Hall of Fame track and historical notes. Music from the Family Tree at 5.30 is a track from up to 70 years ago with an invitation to remember who in your family would have been listening to the track which topped the Australian charts at that time. Then Graham Cook (the resident Baby Boomer) selects two tracks for the Baby Boomers Double Shot followed by Crossover – a song played in two differing musical genres.

Following the News and Weather at 6pm we present Prandial Instrumentals – easy listening from light classics to cool jazz until 6.30pm. Then at 7:30pm we have Club 70 –  two tracks to celebrate an artist aged 70 or more who is still performing.