Program - Thursday Drive


My program is a varied mixture of British Big Band music, and a broad selection other musical types including some recordings which are generally unavailable on LP or CD. I play these from good quality 78rpm recordings. I also like to include smooth popular music from the ‘50s. At 6.30pm we broadcast a prerecorded segment when we are entertained with 30 minutes of Latin American music – Latin Rendezvous.

Between 7pm and 8pm I present the ‘MGM Musical Hour’. This is usually a number of soundtrack recordings from MGM films, and each week I feature an MGM personality who would have celebrated a birthday in the past week. This part of the program commences with Leo the MGM lion roaring with the theme ‘That’s Entertainment’ and ends similarly. During the program Leo may roar to indicate he is in the studio, and I respond in an appropriate manner. If you look carefully at the photo of me in the studio you will see Leo in the background, snoozing.