Monday Music with Rob Hudson

Mondays 3pm-6pm

Program Description

Monday afternoons offer a musical cocktail featuring some of the greatest songs ever written and performed by extraordinary artists. Timeless songs from the ‘Great American Songbook’, Australian ballads, laid-back listening from the 50s, 60s and 70s the familiar GDR95.7fm playlist that our listeners enjoy.

Sometimes the menu is infused with soft rock combined with elements of rhythm and blues, mainstream country and easy listening swing, Motown and 60s.

Presenter Profile –

How did you first connect with GDR?
Some years ago, a friend who works on the Department of Health’s Seniors Program referred me to a “marvelous” radio station with the greatest music NOT played anywhere else. I was hooked, instantly, and wanted to be part of it. I popped in to the station’s Glen Huntly studios, was bowled over, and volunteered immediately for a vacant receptionist position. I had great pleasure on the desk – connecting with our discerning listeners before being given the opportunity to audition for a presenter role.

Why did you want to be a presenter?
Music has been a passion all my life – pervading the house 24-hours-a-day – even while asleep! My grandfather had his own dance band in the 30s and I was a singer in a folk duo in the 60s. After numerous attempts to get a junior presenting role at my home town’s only music station were unsuccessful, I was offered a cadetship in the newsroom of the local morning newspaper. That was the beginning of a wonderfully-exciting career … but I have always hankered after playing popular tunes on a music station. And GDR is unique in the true sense of the word so there could be nowhere better.
What experience do you want to give your listeners?
I want to excite our loyal listeners with the wide range of performers, styles and genres of the past – invoking loving memories of their youth. We will uncover little gems from singers they’re discovering for the very first time. And, hopefully, they’ll tell their friends. I certainly have.