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Lenis Russo

1. What days and times are you usually scheduled to be on duty?

Fridays 2.00pm until 5.00pm


2. How did you first connect with GDR?

I saw an advertisement in the local paper and also the GDR table at two shopping centres.


3. Why did you want to be a Receptionist/Program Assistant?

I had recently retired and had experience as a receptionist, and general office work, and thought it would be interesting to work at a radio station.


4. What are the most important things that you believe you can do for listeners who call in, and for the Presenter you are supporting?

I want to provide listeners who call in, with answers to their questions, and information, and also share their thoughts – including their likes and dislikes.

I like to provide whatever support and help to the Presenter I can, whenever it is needed and in whatever way I can.