» Ron Aarons

Ron Aarons

1. What days and times are you usually scheduled to be on duty?

Alternate Sundays 2-5pm

(Occasional Sundays 7-11am when required)

2. How did you first connect with GDR?

Through the late Brian Young although I have been an avid listener for many years

3. Why did you want to be a Receptionist/Program Assistant?

I thoroughly enjoy volunteering. Speaking to people on the phone and assisting them is my way of volunteering.

4. What are the most important things that you believe you can do for listeners who call in, and for the Presenter you are supporting?

I feel many callers are lonely and need a friend. I believe I can give them some comfort by being at the other end of the phone each week as I am a good listener.

I convey their messages to the presenter so that he knows there are people out there actually listening and hopefully appreciating the music being played.